Logo Muzeu 04.11.2014The International Association of Agricultural Museums was founded in 1966 at the first conference of agricultural museums held in Prague (at the Czech Agricultural Museum).

The purpose of the association is to educate the public about the significance of agriculture to human society, to explain the many ways that agriculture has evolved through time, and to facilitate dialogue between museums across the globe about agricultural topics and discoveries.

An article in the 1989 Acta Museorum Agriculturae discusses the founding of the association and gives a summary of the group’s early work. Click the link above to read the article and learn more about the early history of AIMA.
AIMA is an affiliate of the International Council of Museums and its Strategic Plan (2011-2013) reflects the international nature of the organization.
AIMA is governed by an international Presidium which includes representatives from numerous countries, elected to their terms by AIMA members. The Presidium meets regularly to plan AIMA activities including the Triennial Congress.