Digging up Answers and Questions, by Alicia Arnold (WSP15)

The Walhain-Saint-Paul Project

What does it mean to be a student of archaeology?  I’m not sure, my degree is in English.  However, being a part of this dig is teaching me a lot.  A fellow student and I thought of making our own memes to describe some of the struggles of being on an archaeological dig.  Example: “I don’t always get angry with trees, but when I do it is because they are messing up my strata and making my context difficult.”DSC01357     I promise, that was a funny meme.  The earth is stratified, with lower layers and almost always from an older time period.  Sometimes when people dig holes, where insects or animals burrow, or when trees push their roots through the ground, the strata gets disturbed.  That makes it a little more difficult as I dig through layers with a trowel to understand the soil context.

People have joked with me…

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