Estonia Agricultural Museum to host CIMA 18 (2017)

Welcome to the 18th Congress of AIMA, hosted by the Estonian Agricultural Museum (10-13 May 2017)

The Estonian Agricultural Museum, established in 1968, is situated in the beautiful area of the former Ülenurme Manor in 15 buildings and on 14 hectares of land near the southern border of the town of Tartu. Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia, the capital of Southern Estonia, and the oldest city in the Baltic States. The Museum is proud of its cooperation with other museums in Estonia and abroad, as well as of its efforts to portray so many aspects of farming and rural life in Estonia, from the traditions of rye bread and the new Rye Route, to our magnificent collection of agricultural machinery and vehicles, and on to the old breeds of farm animals. Our permanent exhibits include poultry farming, flax and linen, beekeeping, thatching and the many uses of birch bark in Estonian traditions. We have hands-on activities for young and old, and over 86,000 items in our museum collections, so come and join us to “meet” Estonia!

For more information see CIMA 18 (2017) at the Estonia Agricultural Museum

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